25 de febrero de 2017

NICODEMUS - Spacechild Squall (USA-1977) @320

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Su verdadero nombre; J.R.Houvener .Natural de Detroit. Creo recordar seis discos publicados,, los tres primeros para mi sus mejores,,Este que posteamos es su primer LP. El post corresponde a la reedion numerada de 500 editada por el sello original en 1995.Disco en directo con sonido impecable. Acida sicodelia,con algun toque folk, guitarra electrica..cavernicola y personal voz..Un discazo basico para los amantes del genero.

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SILVER - Children Of The Lord (USA-1975) @320

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Americanos.. Killer unico disco publicado.Clasica portada funda de carton solo con el letrero de Avance del proyecto,,que en definitiva lo fue..FUZZ ACID & FLOWERS:

A local Wisconsin group. This is the best album in the series of obscure items issued in the plain (generic) covers emblazoned with "Advance Reviewer Copy - Confidential" during the early - mid seventies. A strong local effort with heavy guitar on about half of the cuts, garagey edge and strange mastering (a tape splice on the title track was done so badly, it sounds like a skip!). Tail Dragger is a loud, bluesy riffer that has universal appeal

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CANARIES ,THE - Flying High With The (SPAIN)1966 @320

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The Canaries.Grupo Español antesala de LOS CANARIOS. Durante su periplo en USA este es su 1er LP Publicado solo en USA (aun no eran LOS CANARIOS) en el sello B,T PUPPY mas conocido dentro del mundo sicodelico por publicarse en este sello el maravilloso BOW SREEET RUNNERS.Cantado en Ingles en una honda garajera beat muy aceptable.

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13 de enero de 2017

UGLY CUSTARD - Psicosis (UK-1971) @320

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Oscuro grupo Ingles formado por afamados musicos de sesion..Solo publicaron este disco totalmente instrumental.Goza de buena reputacion en el mundo del coleccionismo..Este post esta sacado de la muy rara edicion Española..Acida sicodelia..experimentacion,,fuzz.. M,uy buen disco.

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FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE - Five Day Week Straw People (UK-1968) @320

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Unico disco de este Oscuro grupo Ingles encuadrado dentro del British Psych ..Buenas armonias vocales con Elementos pop y buen trabajo de guitarra a lo freakbeat..en pasajes recuerdan a los Cream mas sicodelicos...Muy bueno.

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CMU (Contemporay Music Unit) - Space Cabaret (UK-1972) @320

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Segundo Disco de estos Ingleses..Post sacado de la edicion Española.  http://www.vintageprog.com/
Only the Odell-couple and Ian Hamlett remained from the first album. Mortimer, Gordon and bassist Ed Lee had been replaced by Richard Joseph on vocals and acoustic guitar, Steve Cook on bass and finally Leary Hasson on keyboards. The latter one had earlier played in Marsupilami, and was undoubtedly the most exciting of the new members. "Space Cabaret" is musically quite different from the debut. The bluesy tendencies were gone, and the band went instead for a more symphonic and spacey kind of progressive rock with some slight folk-influences and overall far more complex material. The lyrics were also considerably more far out and dreamy than on the debut, fitting well to the new musical direction. The 17-minute title-track in four parts is probably the best thing the band ever did. Hasson introduced Mellotron, el-piano and some spacey synths to the band's sound, and Joseph are allowed to sing a lot more along with Odell than what Gordon ever was on the debut. The melodies are thoroughly strong and the arrangements have a spacey sweep and atmosphere to them. The first side closes with the short and acoustic "Doctor Am I Normal?". This charming folk-song seems to be a bit out of place from the rest of the record's space-concept, but is still a good tune. The second side is taken up by two complex 10-minute pieces. First out is "Dream" that starts slow and gloomy, but quickly picks up the pace in the funky mid-part that finally leads out into a quite heavy finale. The closer "Light Shine" is, despite several vocal-passages, mostly a showcase for Hasson and his various sounds, climaxing in a fine jam between his organ and Hamlett's guitar. "Space Cabaret" is easily the best of CMU's two albums.

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3 de diciembre de 2016

TITUS OATES - Jungle Lady (USA-1974) @320

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Un favorito personal..Sutil y a la vez acida guitarra doble.Femina a la voz en 1 cancion..Paso le ve por el sonido Costa Oeste.Se hace corta la escuha pero merece muy mucho la pena..Muy buen disco..

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FIVE DAY RAIN - Five Day Rain (UK-1969) @320

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Joya sicodelica Inglesa..Pocas copias se conocen  dicen 15 nada mas...Este post esta sacado de la reedicion de BACKGROUND-1994... Tremendo disco..
TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS:  One of the rarest UK albums; just 15 copies of this album were put out but soon after someone circulated 'white label' copies of it so beware of these.
Graham Maitland had earlier been in Scots Of St James and Hopscotch. He was also in The Fleur de Lys in their final days. The album contained some adventurous pop compositions often with a taint of psychedelia but it was eventually put out as a private pressing in a plain white cover because no label was interested in it. Notable cuts are the 11-minute instrumental Rough Cut Marmalade, which is the album's most psychedelic offering; the catchy Sea Song and keyboard driven Leave It At That.
The CD reissue omitted Too Much Of Nothing and tampered with Marie's A Woman. Graham Maitland was later in Glencoe but the other members quit the music business.

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19 de octubre de 2016

TOUCH - Street Suite (USA-1969) @320

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USA St.Louis (MO)..Otro de los muchos discos con reminiscencias West Coast..Este un poco mas blusero,,feeling Jefferson y Blue Cheer.Femina a la voz que en momentos recuerda a Janis,,Buen trabajo de guitarra y largos temas.. Un discazo.

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THE UNDERDOGS - Wasting Our Time (NEW ZEALAND-1971) @320

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Segunto disco de este grupo y para mi su mejor..Rock-blues,,con fenomenal trabajo de la guitarra y seccion ritmica.. Muy Bueno..

This Auckland band evolved out of the Underground Blues Band, which had formed in 1965. The name change came in 1966 and The Underdogs signed to Zodiac Records at the tail end of '66.

They quickly established a reputation as a wild live act and in Harvey Mann had one of the best blues guitarists in New Zealand. After the release of their debut 45 See Saw they appeared on the national T.V. pop show 'C'mon!'. Soon after Mann departed to The Brew. Lou Rawnsley replaced him and his fuzzy guitar line was a characteristic of their follow-up, a cover of John Mayall's Sitting In The Rain. Apart from being a huge local hit the single made the National Top 20.
In 1967, their hot reputation as a live band earned them a slot on the touring version of the 'C'mon! Show' when the frequently brought the house down. At the end of the year they decided to relocate to Wellington, which led to the departure of Neil Edwards to Le Frame. He was replaced by former Breakaways' member Dave Orams, who in turn gave way to ex-Bitter End man George Barris. The move to Wellington proved a bad one 'cos they found it hard to get work. In early 1968 they disintegrated. Neil Edwards also did a stint with Human Instinct and then Headband.
That's not the end of the story, however, later that year Murray Grindlay and Harvey Mann (both in The Brew) decided to reform the band in Auckland (line-up E). Doug Thomas had also been in The Breakaways. Rawnsley designed the cover for their album then left. His replacement was Chaz Burke-Kennedy, but their cover of Frank Zappa's You Can Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance had to be retitled There Will Come A Time to satisfy the censors, but it didn't sell well and conflict over musical direction (or lack of it) saw the band in limbo again. There was one further brief reformation in the late seventies.

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THEM - Time Out! Time In For (USA-1968) @320

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Segundo Disco editado en USA De Them sin V.Morrison...Cuatro legaron a editarse..Quiza para mi el mejor de todos,,A Diferencia del primero este es mas Sicodelico,,guitarras fuzz,,algo de R & B y cosas con sitar.. Muy Bueno..

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10 de octubre de 2016

McCHURCH SOUNDROOM - Delusion (GERMANY-1971) @320

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Raro grupo Del Underground Kraupt Aleman,,del que muy poco se conoce,,excepto que goza de muy buena reputacion entre los amantes del genero y coleccionistas..Rock Hard-progress con flauta en linea J.Tull..elementos hard,,Blues-Folk..6 largos temas repletos del mas puro Rock Aleman..Muy Bueno.

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VIRUS - Thoughts (GERMANY-1971) @320

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Segundo LP De Estos Alemanes.Un poco diferente al anterior,,temas ya mas comunes en cuanto a la duracion..Mas rock-blusero que el REVELATION..

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ROCKCELONA - La Bruja (SPAIN-1979) @320

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Un disco,solo publicaron este incendiario LP ;frontera entre el Garaje-punk-hard con feroces ataques de guitarra demoledora,,y buenas dosis de fuzz-wah wah..No me identifico mucho con los discos tardios del hard a partir del 76 mas o menos..por lo que me parece un disco decente y de buena escucha..Este goza de una buena reputacion en nuestro pais y mas fuera de el..Hay que reconocer,,que dominan bien el arte guitarrero...Buen disco.

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24 de septiembre de 2016

THE SAVAGES - Live 'N Wild (USA-1966) @256

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Americanos de las Bermudas..Uno de mis discos favoritos de garaje-psych de todos los tiempos
Cuatro jovenes muchachos encargados de amenizar las fiestas y los parties en los hoteles de clase..Directo crudo con un impecable sonido. Ni que decir tiene,,,discazo..

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MIKE VERNON - Bring It Back Home (UK-1972) @320

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Afamado productor -guru de BLUE HORIZON y acompañante en numerosos discos de reputados bluesman de los 60's y 70's..Su unico disco.editado en UK-1971..Este post esta sacado de la muy rara edicion Española editada en 1972..En los 70's hizo otro disco que nunca llego a publicarse..(Si,,un seguidor del blog,,nos avisa que si llego a publicarse,,lo desconocia..SALUDOS)

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15 de septiembre de 2016

NEW WINE - Holy Spirit Express (USA-1972) @320

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Grupo Americano (San Diego).Dentro del movimiento Jesus Rock un disco raro y poco conocido, me consta que solo publicaron este disco.Muy buen west coast sicodelico con fuzz guitar y voz combinada male/female.Digno de escuchar.

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OS PESCADORES - Sound Of Lonelyness (GERMANY-1972) @320

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Alemanes.Disco raro.Para la mayoria encuadrado dentro del KRAUT ROCK, Para otros uno de los escasos grupos de este pais que hacian Jesus Music.Solo publicaron este para mi DISCAZO de forma limitada y privada.Tremendo organo, con muy buena guitarra,en momentos recuerdan a LIGHTSHINE (Feeling)

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PLUM NELLY - Deceptive Lines (USA-1971) @320

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Americanos..Unico Disco Editado..Raro donde los haya a pesar de haberse editado en MAYOR label..Killer hard rock progresivo. 6 Temas repletos de super guitar work,bien estructurados con buen organo y aceptable flauta.Muy buen disco..

This five man band began playing under the name "Creedmore State" until Nicky and Arnie Ungano of the famed defunct New York City rock club of the same name took them under their wings and signed the band to Capitol Records under the name Plum Nelly. They either played with or opened for many famous acts such Bo Diddley, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Savoy Brown, John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart and The Faces, Joe Cocker, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, Terry Reid and notibly at Carnegie Hall with The James Gang.
The band recorded the album Deceptive Lines at Capitol East, November through December 1970 along with producer Kenneth Cooper. Guests on the album included Jeremy Steig (of Jeremy and The Satyrs) on flute and The Sweet Inspirations were featured on the background vocals of Lonely Man's Cry. The Sweet Inspirations were led by Cissy Houston who is Whitney Houston's mom. They also were Elvis Presley's and Aretha Franklin's backup singers during this period. Dave Bash Johnson played conga's on the song Carry On.
The group toured the US during the early seventies and relocated in Los Angles in 1974. It was at this time that John Murphy replaced Bob Feit, who went on to become Tina Turner's bass player.

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2 de septiembre de 2016


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Comuna Hippy radicada en La Plata,,de hay salio el nombre de LA COFRADIA formados alla por 1968.Por otra parte grupo de culto y sagrado para todos los amantes del Rock Argentino de la epoca.
En 1971 publicaron su unico LP y en 1974 se separaron. Seguramente el disco mas sicodelico hecho en Argentina.Guitarras electricas y acusticas con muy buenas voces.Temas toques bluseros con buen trabajo de guitarra. Muy bueno.

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LIONHART - Lionhart (USA-1977) @320

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Americanos..(TEXAS). Raro unico disco que yo sepa publicado de forma privada por estos cuatro muchachos. 7 Temas de Heavy rock,potentes guitarras y organo.

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Una recopilacion basica para todo seguidor del rock preogresivo y del apartado: Catalan en particular.PAU RIBA-OM-MAQUINA-SISA-MUSICA DISPERSA-ALBERT BATISTE-JORDI SABATES..Contiene algunas rarezas que nunca fueron editadas anteriormente,,los 2 temas de Maquina, mas tarde editados en LA REEDICION DE UN DOBLE con su WHY y 12" Funciona + SINGLES. Uno de los primeros temas sicodelicos de Mª Del Mar Bonet,,y rarezas de OM. Muy bueno e interesante.

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31 de agosto de 2016

TAGES - Tages (SWEDEN-1965) @320

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Primer disco editado de estos suecos.... Pura linea de los clasicos Ingleses..Buenos temas ritm'n'bluseros con toques garajeros.. Muy buenos

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TAGES - Tages 2 (SWEDEN-1966) @320

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Segundo LP De estos Suecos.. Siguen con la onda de su 1º,,voces,armonias,garaje-beat en linea de los clasicos Ingleses..buen disco.

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TAGES - Contrast (SWEDEN-1967) @320

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Legendaria banda Sueca de Beat Sicodelia.. Cuatro LP's publicados y algunos singles..Este que posteamos, corresponde a su tercero. Pop sicodelia en linea Inglesa,algunos covers..con buenas voces y armonias..Buen disco.

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